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We are constantly focused IT provider, adapted to the changes in the latest IT trends, that gives best value focusing on improving the required resources to our clients globally.

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Our business processes for maximum efficiency of hardware and software platforms with diversified life-cycle activities of application like Oracle, SAP and Microsoft.

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WELCOME TO Amfibia Technologies

Established in 2018, Amfibia Technologies is a specialist software and solution provider aiming to become a one-stop solutions provider for all the business needs. Operating in India, Amfibia Technologies understands business challenges across every domain and brings forth unmatched and innovative technology solutions. Our approach is not only to deliver cutting-edge services for the definite business needs, but also offer an expert consultation in a cost effective way. Providing software and mobility solutions or maintenance, you can rest assured Amfibia Technologies, as we believe we have the right key for you. Contact us today to discuss your needs!



We are dedicated to provide effective solutions paired with advanced technology as an essential business tool, globally. We understand the requirement of each client and provides fresh perspective & young talent of management professionals to maximize the business potential to the full. Our personnel are adhered to deliver creative solutions to the client situations. By meeting the needs adequately, we always look forward to forging long-term relationship with our clients. At Amfibia Technologies, 24×7 services are available irrespective of the geographical boundaries. After all, “our client satisfaction is our first priority”!

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